Training Design

Training Design Process
Our expertise includes full design and delivery in following areas:

Graduate Programmes

We can design programmes to equip your graduate new starters with the necessary overview and general knowledge of industry activities required to prepare them for the role.

These programmes typically span over several weeks in the summer and can include various trainers. We would typically give graduates an overview of general industry activities and services as well as the specific focus of your organisation. In these programmes we assume little or basic knowledge of maths and the sectors involved.

Modular Programmes

We can develop programmes that include courses around the same topic, at various levels to coincide with
  1. Your different teams to be trained and their varying levels of experience
  2. Your staff’s career progression. For example, we design a curriculum that covers graduates, analysts, associates, and VP and above.
Each module can be taken a) by different groups according to their experience and job function (simultaneous) b) by the same group at regular intervals (long term).
This allows you to:
  • Train a large group of people at the same time and standardise your practices, ensuring consistency across the organisation and linking your desired knowledge and behaviours to a consistent and global competency framework
  • Accompany your staff through their career as they progress and play an active and supportive role in their development, also ensuring growth and talent are nurtured from within.

Blended programmes

We can design programmes around your staff’s different learning styles and new technology. In order to maximise both costs and staff time away from desks, we take a flexible and personalised approach to learning. We will offer you the best combination of various learning methodologies for your needs. This includes face-to-face training as well as eLearning, webinars, and social learning. Our blended programmes are the perfect solution for busy schedules and different learning styles. We can also design a combination of online and offline courses that all work in conjunction to give you the most effective result.

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Core Curricula

We can develop entire curricula based on a job function or department to equip your staff with all the different skills necessary to perform in their roles. For example, we would focus on both the product knowledge / technical skills and the interpersonal skills required of a Relationship Manager or Credit staff.

Curricula are designed with a modular approach, providing different training to staff at different times and at regular intervals to embed the learning and equip your staff with all the knowledge and tools to help improve their performance on a daily basis.

Case Study

Using Course Design to Achieve Extraordinary Results

A bank in the Middle East

The challenge for the bank was rapid growth and lack of capacity with the senior corporate bankers to coach and provide on-the-job training for new graduates.

To design and deliver a 12-week graduate training program for their new corporate banking relationship analysts.

We spent 1 week conducting Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to identify and report the knowledge, skills and procedural capabilities required from the graduates following their completion of the training program and entry to the business.

These competencies were then translated into the training design.
  • The TNA discovery phase enabled the training design to be based on reality of the bank and their specific policies and procedures, including:
  • The bank’s own acronyms and department names
  • Internal reports and templates
  • Internal models and applications
  • Where to go and who to call for specific information
Following the training, the graduates emerged with full knowledge of the bank and capability to complete the tasks required in their roles from day one, immediately adding value to the business.