Role-Specific Learning Pathways

From multi-level credit curricula to relationship management learning paths, we’ll work with you to design powerful learning packages that’ll help your people excel.

At Euromoney Learning Solutions, we’ve been helping organisations to unlock the potential of their staff for over 30 years. We see our clients as long term partners and it’s our job to help them achieve their strategic goals through their people. This means working together to build practical, role specific learning pathways that support employees throughout their time with the organisation. From early career to boardroom, we’ll create a long lasting training programme to challenge and prepare your staff at every level.

Partner with Euromoney Learning Solutions and your people will enjoy a market driven curriculum that’ll keep them learning and growing for years to come.

We offer bespoke role specific learning pathways and curricula

Each programme, at every level of proficiency, will include bespoke learning activities that are purposefully built in to match your organisation’s required competencies and values. These carefully hand-picked, fully customised activities will be directly relevant to your staff, providing a ‘hands on’ approach to learning that is truly invaluable

  • Trade Finance
  • Cash Management
  • Credit Skills
  • Relationship Management
  • Internal Audit
  • Corporate Finance Analysis
  • Project Finance
  • CIB Academy
  • Product Management
  • Investment Management Advisory

Not only will this practical and interactive method engage and motivate your staff, it’ll give them the confidence to put what they’ve just learned into practice; so you can rest assured that you’ll see a real impact on performance straight away.

Now it’s time to think about your organisation and the people in it: what do you need to help you enrich and enhance the professional performance of your staff at every stage of their career? Let us know your requirements, as whatever your aim, we’ve got a team of specialists waiting to help you reach your strategic goals faster.