Overseas Delegation

What could be better than giving your people the chance to learn about finance right in the heart of the financial world? They’ll visit Wall Street, the City of London or other high profile cities to learn the technical skills and knowledge required to boost their careers.

Your team will visit key institutions and enjoy interactive, practical classroom training that’ll accelerate their financial career and give them the confidence to put what they’ve learnt into practice once they’re back at home.

Don’t just take our word for it... Find out how other businesses have benefited from travelling to a financial hub for one of our leading training programmes:

There are so many advantages to bringing your team to train at a core financial centre

Market driven insight from a variety of guest speakers

Send your staff to a training programme in New York, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong or Singapore and they’ll benefit from a whole host of expert speaker seminars. We can easily bring top bankers, financers and other local industry professionals who are working full time in the world of finance and can draw on the latest, real life experience in the field.

Visit key financial institutions Using our extensive network of industry contacts, we’ll arrange visits to some of the world’s leading organisations during the training programme. Your learners will take bi-weekly trips to key banks, asset management companies, insurance firms, ratings agencies or even regulators where they can start up initial dialogues and build relationships with industry contacts to boost their careers further.

We’ll do the hard work for you

Our thorough and intensive overseas delegation programmes usually last for one to three weeks- that means a lot of planning! We know that organising a group trip can be time consuming, so we can help with any of the practical, logistical requirements including:

  • Travel arrangements
  • Booking suitable hotel accommodation
  • Arranging training venues
  • Interpretation and translation services
  • Providing a course assistant to help with any of the other day-to-day matters, from booking theatre tickets to arranging medical assistance if required.

If you’d like to find out more about expert led group training in some of the world’s top financial centres, please get in touch. We’d love to hear about your exact requirements, as whatever your aim, our specialist team is waiting to help you reach your strategic goals faster.