L&D Consultancy

At Euromoney Learning Solutions, we draw upon the expertise of qualified and accredited Learning and HR professionals to design training from first principles – by observing and analysing the tasks and activities of the very best of your staff carrying out their roles.

Whilst our public courses cover best practice and offer excellent opportunities to network with attendees from all over the world, our customised in–house courses offer the potential to train your staff for specific roles using learning resources that are tailored exactly to your operating procedures as executed by your most competent staff.

Our Training Needs Analysis Service

A Training Needs Analysis (TNAs) from Euromoney Learning Solutions can be adapted to discover or confirm the Knowledge Skills and Behaviours required by a job’s role. Due to our extensive training experience across financial services, we can complete TNAs quickly with minimum disruption. This service is the foundation step in designing structured training programmes and L&D training pathways to support career progression and talent pool management policies.

We have the capability to design multi-year curriculums in both technical and soft skills, which are supported by formal training and e-Learning. This means that financial institutions can confidently plan and train their workforces to meet their regulatory requirement to certify the competency of staff. Using our TNA and L&D consultancy enables you to draw upon the wealth of experience and expertise of Euromoney Learning Solutions to access the very best and most essential training for your staff.