Compliance & Regulatory Learning

Regulation and compliance personnel are working in a climate of ever-increasing change. Three-quarters of firms expect the focus on managing regulatory risk to rise in the next year due to a greater regulatory focus on conduct risk. Personal liability is also on the increase, making the stakes even higher for those with GRC responsibilities. As well as those with direct GRC responsibilities, regulatory matters, including how to implement structural changes to meet new rules and how to correct non-compliance, are also consuming an increasing amount of board time.

MIFID II, the AIFMD, Basel III, EMIR, Market Abuse, FATCA, the Senior Managers Regime and the FCPA are just a few of the many specific areas of regulation which are currently posing challenges for regulation and compliance personnel.

Our Compliance & Regulatory Learning services offer clients the opportunity to address these challenges. We utilise the knowledge of our expert faculty to create customised training programmes, shaping the learning to cover the issues that are most relevant to your organisation.

Our programmes can be delivered through a variety of different methods that succeed in truly embedding the learning. In addition to more traditional face to face training, we can also provide a full suite of Compliance e-Learning programmes that will enable your staff to get to grips with the key regulatory and compliance challenges at a time and a place that works for them.

Want to know more about how we can help you to conquer your compliance and regulation challenges? Get in touch to speak to one of our dedicated learning specialists, we’d love to hear from you.