Board & Executive Level Development

Cover the core skills that are vital for business leaders to boost performance in their roles

Designed by industry leading experts for chief and board level participants, our board and executive level development programmes will challenge the way top level staff think about their role in order to build leadership capacity and potential.
Along with opportunities to network and share valuable experiences with peers from around the world, our executive coaching and C-Suite Leaders programmes are focused on building the practical leadership skills that high level executives need to boost performance and conquer strategic goals.

We offer discreet one to one coaching that’s tailored specifically to the needs of the individual for the most effective outcome. Using high quality psychometric tools, we’re able to analyse the behaviour of every learner for a fully personalised and individually focused approach.

Rest assured that we’ll deliver your senior level executives confidential support in all areas of board effectives from presentation, to communication and other vital interpersonal skills.

Ensuring successful executive training

Training your top level team requires a top level faculty to ensure maximum success. Our expert faculty trainers are among the most talented specialists in their respective fields; committed to creating an ethos of excellence that’ll deliver the results you need. Drawing on their years of first-hand experience in business leadership and coaching, they’ll provide a range of carefully hand-picked, real life case studies that encourage participation and discussion of applying theory to actual practice. This practical approach to learning will empower your board level executives, allowing them to create meaningful connections with what they’ve learned.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges in developing senior executives is engaging them with the training programme. Our talented instructional designers can fix this. They’re experts in creating meticulously thought out, unique and credible training materials that stand out; even in front of the most sophisticated and demanding audience. All of our content is fully customised to your organisation’s individual requirements to guarantee the high level of engagement needed for effective learning.

Think about the top level executives in your organisation: what knowledge and technical ability do they need to ensure strategic business goals are achieved? How can your institution nurture the skills needed to accelerate board level performance?

Let us know your requirements, as whatever your aim, we’ve got a team of specialists waiting to help you reach your goals faster.