24 June 2014

Make your World Cup Predictions

Download Euromoney Training's Excel World Cup Planner to map out what will happen during the rest of the world cup. Send us your predictions in to win a discount off a future course. Find our more...

Will it be a Germany Vs Brazil Final? Or will Messi prove his worth on the international stage and take Argentina all the way?

With the group stages coming to a close, Euromoney Training has produced an Excel World Cup Planner to enable you to predict the possible outcomes of each remaining fixture through to the final. Enter your predictions and watch how both the groups and the knockout stages change based on the results you enter. Select your favorite team and see what they have to do to achieve World Cup success... unless your team is already out!

Please Note: This file contains macros. Ensure you enable macros before use. Find out how to do this.

Please Note: This file contains macros. Ensure you enable macros before use. Find out how to do this.

Let us know your predictions

Use Euromoney Training's World Cup Excel Planner to predict the outcome of all the rest of the tournament. Save your predictions as a JPEG (using the planner) and post them to our twiiter or facebook pages or email us your excel file back. Please make sure you do so before the start of the knockout stages (Saturday 28th June). The best prediction will receive a 20% discount off a future Financial Modelling in Excel training course. To enter:

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Financial Modelling in Excel

This Excel World Cup Planner is just an example of the power of Excel. Want to be able to use Excel for financial modelling?

Euromoney Training's Financial Modelling Excel is an intensive three day, computer based practical training course with case studies and worked examples. With a step-by-step approach, this course will guide you through the various techniques available, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of advanced modelling, as well as how each technique can be practically applied through the use of Excel.

This course runs across the globe. Take a look at the latest dates.

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