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Many countries around the world, including the United States, Canada and the European Union, have enacted competition laws that make it illegal for firms to reduce competition by unfair means — for example, price fixing, bid rigging, group boycotts and agreements to allocate markets or customers. The purpose of these laws is to protect consumers from unfair business practices by ensuring the marketplace remains competitive.

A failure to comply with competition laws can result in severe financial penalties and damage to the firm’s reputation, as well as criminal and civil sanctions against the individuals involved. Firms can avoid these costly enforcement efforts by making sure all employees understand how competition laws affect their day-to-day work and how to recognise and deal with situations that present a risk of competition violations.

Euromoney Learning Solutions offer the following Competition Law/Anti-Trust Law eLearning courses:

  • EU Competition Law
  • China Competition Law
  • Russia Competition Law
  • US Anti-Trust Law

Each course is approximately 45 minutes long and includes examples, case studies and assessments. The courses cover the fundamental principles of competition law (or antitrust law, as it is sometimes called), which aims to prevent predatory business practices by promoting fair competition and economic efficiency. The course also highlights "red flags" — situations that present a risk of violations and legal liability, enforcement, and civil and criminal penalties associated with violations of competition law.

Topic List

The Competition Law eLearning courses cover the following topics:

  • Purpose of competition laws and why they matter
  • Consequences of breaching competition laws
  • Promoting fair dealing
  • Dealing with competitors
  • What is an agreement and examples of anti-competitive agreements
  • Avoiding market-sharing and price fixing
  • Trade association activities
  • Exchanges of information between competitors
  • Cooperation agreements
  • Misuse of market power
  • Company records and documents

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Introduction to competition compliance

     - Aims and objectives of competition laws
     - Why you need to understand competition law
     - Promoting fair dealing
     - Sources of competition laws
     - Consequences of competition law breaches
     - Examples of anti-competitive behaviour

Dealing with competitors

     - What is an agreement?
     - Examples of anti-competitive agreements
          - Price fixing
          - Market sharing
          - Bid rigging

Trade associations and exchange of information

     - Lawful activities of trade associations
     - Examples of anti-competitive activities
     - What you can and cannot do at trade association meetings
     - Exchanges of information

Cooperation agreements

     - Joint buying
     - Joint selling
     - Joint production

Misuse of market power

     - What is market power
     - Duty to behave responsibly
     - What is the the market?
          - Relevant market
          - Relevant geographic market

     - Does the company occupy a dominant position?
     - Abuse of dominant position
          - Refusal to contract
          - Predatory pricing
          - Tying and bundling
          - Discrimination

Document creation and retention

     - Significance of company records and documents
     - Document creation dos and don’ts
     - Suspicious activity and reporting


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