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Aims and Objectives

This course aims to assist participants to add value to their existing skills as senior managers.  It will give those attending tools that can allow them to effectively build on their strengths in leadership, communication and strategic direction.  By the end of the course those attending will have focused on some key areas such as business co-ordination, intergenerational communication and motivating others to change.

By end of this course participant will be able to:

  • Align the team around key management objectives
  • Drive strategic direction
  • Create innovation in the organisation so that the business manages change effectively
  • Communicate effectively with  personality types
  • Lead your team towards continuous improvement
  • Create a business improvement project
  • Influence others in the organisation to create more effective outputs
  • Manage change effectively
  • Create a high performance culture
  • Describe the key motivational needs that drive behavior and influence performance
  • Assess your own motivational profile, and determine its impact on your management practices
  • Identify ways to determine the motivational profiles of others
  • Develop strategies and tactics to broaden your own management practices and to support the motivational needs of individual employees
  • Apply these to more effectively manage your own direct reports


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Day 1

Session 1
Introduction to Programme

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Objectives of the programme
  • Action planning – “stop, start, continue” model

Session 2
High Performance Executive Leadership in Global Banking

  • The skills of executive leadership
  • What’s needed from senior executives in the global banking world
  • Formulating our competitive advantage
  • Meeting the challenge of building teams, completing tasks and managing individuals

Practical Exercise: Team will utilise the action centred leadership theory to see how it builds value in their organisation

Session 3
Creating and Driving Strategy

  • Key business strategic concepts
  • Using strategy maps
  • How to create ownership amongst all staff of the organisation’s strategic goals
  • Cascading strategic goals

Practical Exercise: Team to make strategy map for bank

Session 4
Creating Strategic Alignment in the Organisation: Organisational co-ordination

  • Creating and communicating our performance objectives
  • Creating a metric driven team
  • Using key performance indicators

Practical Exercise: Team will build a performance pyramid for the organisation


Session 5
Integrated People Management: The executive Leader as Influencer

  • Difference between leadership and management
  • Situational leadership
  • Creating your influencing strategy
  • Influencing those with a different communication style
  • Influence in a matrix organisation

Practical Exercise: Team will look at different ways to influence others to achieve results


Day 2

Session 6
Executive Presence:  The Key Skill of Executives

  • What are the hallmarks of executive presence
  • A Framework for Effective Communication
  • Getting your Message Understood
  • Choosing the Right Media
  • Building Effective Face to Face Communication
  • Questioning Techniques
  • One-to-One Meetings
  • High Concern Communication

Practical Exercise: Team will use a number of communication tools to see how they could benefit their teams

Session 7
Creating a High Performance Culture

  • What is a high performance culture
  • Examples of cultures where high performance occurs
  • The performance cycle
  • How to handle the good, average and poor performer

Case Study: Team will study a number of examples of a high performance culture and apply lessons for their bank

Session 8
Driving effective change

  • Understanding the “drivers” of change
  • Differing reactions to change
  • Moving people from their “comfort zone”
  • Making things happen in a dynamic environment
  • Obtaining “buy-in”

Discussion: How we might implement a change in future

Session 9
Executive Leadership Skills in banking (Case Studies)

  • Real life case studies based on pre-course discussions with participants
  • Examples of executive leadership situations and what was needed
  • How would you handle these situations when dealing with internal (or external) parties
  • Banking strategy examples
  • Discussion and group feedback


Day 3

Session 1
Understanding the Concept of Motivation

  • The Equity theory of motivation: reward must equal effort
  • Motivation as a goal related activity
  • Intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation
  • The importance of alignment in motivation and organisational goals

Questionnaire: Team complete questionnaire on extrinsic and extrinsic motivation

Session 2
The Motivational Needs of your Team 

  • What motivates your team?
  • Career stages
  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • Herzberg’s motivators and hygiene factors
  • Ideas to try out with your people

Practical Exercise: Quick fire role plays to practice using “motivational language”

Session 3
Improving Motivation in Your Team

  • Understanding Glasser’s career drivers
  • The Difference between job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction 
  • How to increase job satisfaction
  • What is your social style?

Questionnaire: Delegates complete personal drivers questionnaire so that they  get individual feedback on what is currently driving them in their career


Session 4
Coaching Motivation in Your Team

  • The concept of enrichment and how it helps motivation
  • Creating more empowerment and trust
  • Increasing ownership in your team
  • Developing a more coaching style

Case Study:  Participants will review a number of case studies to see examples of where downside and upside risk was managed appropriately

Session 5
Motivation Case Study

  • Delegates will use a customised case study of de-motivation at SFC and create strategies to encourage increased motivation

Session 6
Putting it all into practice

  • Course summary
  • Course evaluation
  • Delegates will have a final opportunity to complete an action plan to commit themselves to new practices and behaviours on their return to work



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