Women in Leadership Programme

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The  Women in Leadership course has been designed to help successful women develop their capacity for leadership. In 4 days you will:

  • Know who you are as a leader and how you can build an incredible team around you
  • Exude executive presence and create a memorable impact wherever you go
  • Know the truth about women leaders and debunk the myths
  • Balance your work with all the other great things in your life
  • Handle your time and energy with a ‘bounce-back’ resilience
  • Develop your personal brand of leadership
  • Imprint your organisation’s culture with clearly held values and a compelling vision
  • Be a respected role model for other women
  • Recognise and own your true power
  • Have strategies to counteract political activity and be influential
  • Deliver inspiring presentations
  • Have a clear plan for taking your leadership to the next level

Why you should attend this course

This is more than a course, it is an amazing experience. Why? Because you will be part of a supportive community of extraordinary women who have made it to senior positions in their organisations and are still going strong. This is a place to exchange experiences and share the challenges you face: a place to learn together and grow in stature as recognised leaders in your working environment.

We will address key leadership issues from the special perspective of being a woman in what has traditionally been a man’s world. Women are finding increasing acceptance in leadership roles as their contribution is more widely recognised and their skills of working as inclusive, collaborative colleagues is appreciated. We will be accelerating this process by identifying your special leadership qualities and building your confidence and skill in expressing those in the workplace.

This course is designed by women for women. It’s not about feminism - it is about taking our place as women leaders alongside the men as equal colleagues and being a role model for other women on the journey.


This is a highly participative course. We have converted leadership theory into practical exercises and activities that personalise your learning in the moment. Expect to be actively engaged throughout. The focus is on the reality of your current situation and how you would like it to progress (or even transform!) so we ask you to bring a few ‘live issues’ that you are dealing with at the time of the course. These might be inter-personal or strategic - we will be addressing both. Everything that we do is underpinned by academic research but we won’t be doing a lot of lecturing - quite the contrary: the time is dedicated to providing opportunities that will foster your personal development as a leader.

Each day has a special theme starting with you as an individual (Day 1) then moving on to you as a woman in a leadership role (Day 2) to your leadership impact (Day 3) and your communication strategy, skills and style (Day 4).

We will be working into the early evening on days 1 and 2 with dynamic workshops on leadership presence and personal branding until 7.30 pm. On days 3 and 4 we close at 5.30 pm. There is some pre-work: completion of an on-line questionnaire on your special ‘gifts’ as a leader;  identification of some live issues that you are happy to discuss in the confidentiality of the course; and a topic that you need to present to an audience within or outside your organisation. There will also be some optional preparation - some reading/video material produced by the Course Director.

Who should attend

This course will benefit women who see leadership as increasingly at the heart of their working life. It is for women in senior roles in commercial companies, professional firms and public organisations; with a functional background in finance, IT, marketing, HR, logistics, medicine, law, science, politics, education, media, consultancy - there are no limits as leadership applies in every field of endeavour.

  • If you are already enjoying career success and are ambitious for more, this is the course for you
  • If you want to be taken more seriously and be increasingly influential, this is the course for you
  • If you are keen to develop your leadership skills, this is the course for you



Central London Hotel Venue

All courses are held at four or five star venues in Central London, Zone 1. We strive to provide you with a training environment of the highest quality, to ensure that the whole learning experience exceeds your expectations.

Your training venue will be confirmed by one of our course administrators approximately 3-4 weeks before the course start date.

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Day 1


No-one can lead anyone without first being able to lead themselves. During Day 1 we will explore who you really are to provide you with an in-depth understanding of how to be the very best leader you can be.

Welcome and Introductions

  • Meet your Course Director and all the wonderful women who will be sharing their stories and successes with you during the course. We’ll also be looking at the course sessions, exclusively designed and developed for Euromoney, and what you most want to take from them so that the time you invest meets your special requirements and gives you real practical value that you can apply back at work.

The Leadership Challenge

  • Identify and explore your personal leadership challenge in the context of the challenges facing every leader in all walks of life. To be a leader is a state of mind as well as an attitude to life.

Your Personal Style as a Leader

  • Your personal leadership style will be identified by a pre-work questionnaire. During examination of the results - as a group and in pairs - we will discover layers of information about you and your style of working. Through this process you will discover how to get results and create trusting relationships with ease.

Learning to Listen as Leaders

  • This is more than everyday listening. We will use role-playing to make listening one of your key skills for effective leadership. Listening represents an opportunity for you to learn, to engage and to build loyalty and respect.

Live Issues

  • Bring your current “leadership headaches” for a cure through small group discussion. These become mini case-studies for the group to apply its collective wisdom and experience and provide a range of possible solutions - or at least, next steps forward...

Evening Workshop: Leadership Presence

  • We all admire the “stage presence” of actors and know there is a leadership equivalent. We will be joined by Didi Hopkins, a remarkable woman who coaches actors in West End theatres and corporate leaders all over the world, so that you too can practise how to walk into a room, speak out and command attention. This is a non-stop, high-energy, challenging session that is also huge fun to engage in.


Day 2


There are many issues that are faced mainly by women in the workplace and these are always magnified in the context of a leadership role. This is the theme of the day. We will take advantage of being an all-women group to address these often unspoken concerns and look for positive ways to handle them.

Gender and Leadership

  • There are many ‘myths’ about women as leaders - are they true or false? We are going to have a formal debate and find out what we all think. We'll also look through the ‘glass ceiling’ and over the ‘glass cliff’ - only this time we’ll do it through learning the art of dialogue.

Work - Home Integration

  •  Achieving a practical work-home balance often seems impossible! How can we integrate our complex lives rather than endlessly trying to juggle all their separate dimensions? A creative group exercise will help you explore alternative and find strategies that work for you.

Maintaining Peak Performance

  • In a high-profile leadership role, you are always in the spotlight - there isn’t any downtime. You’ll need to develop ways of managing your time and energy that work for you to be self-sustaining. Here you’ll be introduced to several tactics to become ‘stress-proof’ and also practice some ‘mindfulness’ techniques to boost your resilience - for all those demands at home as well as work!

The Leader as Coach, Sponsor and Mentor

  • Developing the talent pipeline and bringing on high-potential individuals is central to good leadership. As management guru, Warren Bennis, has said “leaders create leaders” - this session addresses how we do can do this and then goes further to ask how we ensure the result achieves a fair gender balance?

Live Issues

  • Another opportunity for you to tap into the wisdom of the group for more ideas and maybe answers to the people, processes or policies that limit your effectiveness. Small group discussion.

Evening Workshop: Personal Branding

  • Do you have an identifiable ‘personal brand’ that is recognisable and consistently lives up to its promise? Are you a trusted leader who looks the part and delivers the goods? Here we will be joined by Carol Doughty, an expert in the field, who will advise you on how to build and project a brand that is authentic to you. Carol will help you maximise your impact, build your credibility, look good and perform better! You will radiate success.


Day 3


Most people aspire to leadership positions so that they can ‘make a difference’. This day will be dedicated to how you can make a real impact through having clarity about what you want, why you want it and how you can make it happen.

Making Your Mark

  • Being a significant player in the senior team requires a personal agenda that is aligned to that of the organisation as a whole. Working hard just isn’t enough. You also have to work (and lead) smart. Leaders set the direction and motivate people to follow them over the horizon and into the future. To take your colleagues with you and leave a positive legacy requires clarity, especially with regard to the intangibles that will form the solid basis for your success.
  • Purpose - give meaning and satisfaction to your work by discovering your own and your organisation’s purpose - what are you here for? We will do this through in-depth discussion in pairs.
  • Vision - inspire your people with a compelling picture of the future. Through guided visualisation and a creative exercise you’ll be able to sharpen up your vision of where you really want to go and why.
  • Values - let people know what to expect from you by identifying the key values that drive your decisions. Here you’ll work through a simple card-sort exercise to sort the ‘non-negotiables’ from the rest.
  • Culture - create an environment that supports and empowers the people who work with you to get great results every time. Using the culture web exercise you will analyse your existing culture and identify where change is needed to reach your desired culture

Being a Role Model

  • Sixty-five percent of professional women see the absence of female role models as a significant barrier to their success - you owe it to them to play your part and we give you the five keys to becoming a successful role model for other women.

Championing Women

  • All the research tells us that, despite being better educated than men, women just don’t get the top jobs as often as they should. When they do, they rarely achieve the critical mass needed to change the thinking in the Boardroom. How can we change this? By all playing our part in supporting women to fulfil their potential. We discuss how this is done in different parts of the world to gain perspective on how you can best do it in your own country.

Live Issues

  • This small group activity enables you to discuss further the issues you brought with you and the application of new learning from the course back to your workplace.


Day 4


The most important skill for all leaders is the ability to communicate clearly and confidently in all situations and at all levels. The three most important determinants of successful communication are your skills, your strategy and your style. We address all three. We have already practised the skills of listening, discussion, dialogue and debate - today we turn to inspirational speaking. But, before you even open your mouth, there are several important things to consider...

Power and Politics

  • Most women have an aversion both to taking up their full power and behaving politically. Is this you? In this session you will find out how to make the most of your seven sources of power, recognise the positive value of political behaviour and lay to rest the spectre of ‘impostor syndrome’.

Strategies for Influence

  • To be successful in leadership you need to be influential. Influence strategies exist and here you’ll be introduced to the most effective ones you can use to get what you want. Crucial to these strategies are the other players so you’ll work through a case study with a stakeholder mapping tool that you can then apply to your own situation and devise your own strategic plan.

Inspirational Speaking

  • Do you dread public speaking or love it? Either way, you’ll get expert input on how to engage and inspire your audience - whoever they are and whether in formal or informal settings. You choose the situation and, working in small groups, we’ll all help you to make it inspirational. You’ll learn how to structure a good talk, use professional speech-writing tactics and overcome anxiety. You will practise what you have written, exchange feedback and get some coaching.

Personal Leadership Development Commitments

  • As we come to the end of these four action-packed days, it will be time to reflect on the big priorities for you to apply back at work. You’ll decide these during some personal quiet time and then join your small group for a reality check and fine tuning so that you can be confident of the actions to which you commit yourself. This is also the time to consider your on-going development as a leader and the areas to which you will be paying special attention in the future.

Finally, it will be time to say goodbye. The impressive international leaders that you first met only four days ago will now be new friends with whom you can stay connected. The end of the course will not be the end of your leadership journey. Indeed, that journey will have just begun.

Women in Leadership is an exciting new course that focusses on talented and experienced women, like you, discovering the leader within in order to bring those qualities to life so that you become a powerful and respected leader in the service of your organisation.

This course will help you turn yourself into the leader that you’ve always dreamed of being.
Take charge of your future and join us in London - make this your leadership development year!

Course summary and close

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