Mastering Financial Negotiations: Skills for those on the Sales Side

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This course is designed for the financial professional who is taked with negotiating a deal which pleases their client whilst also creating a deal that creates value for their organisation. In a market place where it can be challenging to create a competitive adavantage participanyts will be shown how to create intangible value in the negotiation process. The course is informed by some of the key theories from Behaviourial Finance and the case studies have designed exclusively for the financial industry.

By end of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Deal effectively the particular sales  negotiation issues in the financial services environment
  • Explain the role that negotiation has within your organisation banking strategy
  • Describe the strengths and weaknesses of their own selling style and identify specific areas of behaviour to be developed/changed so as to improve their performance in future negotiations
  • Effectively close deals
  • Deal effectively with different types of negotiators
  • Effectively cross sell
  • Prepare and plan for a negotiation in a systematic, flexible and effective way
  • Positively close deals
  • Communicate more effectively by using questioning, listening and observation skills
  • Face with confidence their next negotiation / sale using ideas generated during the workshop



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Day 1

Session 1
Introduction to Programme

  • Welcome and introductions

  • Objectives of the programme
  • Action planning – “stop, start, continue” model

Session 2
Escaping the Price Driven Sale:  When to Sell and When to Negotiate
Session’s aims:
  We look at how the wealth management sales process crucially differs from lower value selling and why “pitching” and price negotiation too early in this process destroys value for both client and advisor.  You will learn how to move price discussions further down the process.

Topics covered:

  • The difference between high value and low value selling
  • How not to be commoditized by your customer  
  • Negotiation and pitch only after value has been established
  • Understanding cognitive dissonance in the price / value process
  • Increasing average sales and solution value

Session 3
Negotiating with Influence: Creating Your Value Proposition
Session’s Aims:
Getting your client to have confidence in you is vital.  This part of the course will impart skills that will assist you to do just that.  The session will use role play to assess delegates’ use of these skills.

Topics Covered:

  • Trust
  • Getting your behaviour right
  • Creating rapport
  • Strategies to create empathy, trust and influence

Session 4
Phases and Stages in a Negotiation

  • The negotiation process: prepare/discuss/propose/bargain
  • The role of market information
  • Planning and preparing for a negotiation Facts that you should know about your organisation and tell counterparts
  • What should you say at the start:  What to tell and what to keep back
  • Exploring interests – managing the information exchange
  • Opening positions – yours and your counterpart’s
  • When and how to present Variables and options; Concession-making vs. concession-trading
  • The dilemmas and emotions of negotiation

Case Study: The skills of effective negotiation – what to do/what not to do

Session 5
Six Rules of Negotiation

  • Key rules: set maximum and minimum objectives, aim high, keep the whole relationship in mind, never give away a concession for nothing, keep searching for variables, don’t be afraid to walk away


Day 2

Session 1
Negotiating the Best Deal: Dealing with Pressure and Satisfying the Client

  • The importance of recognising cues to help you through the process
  • Dealing with pressure to reduce your price
  • Establishing your power base
  • Understanding and using variables in the negotiation

Case Study: Variables and Priorities

Session 2
The Harvard Negotiation Technique: A Toolkit for Success

The Harvard technique is often seen as the gold standard in the negotiation process.  This part of the course will examine the technique and apply it in the wealth management arena.

  • When to show your hand and when not to
  • How to make tentative agreements in complex negotiations
  • Using criteria against willpower
  • What to do if you hit deadlock

Session 3
Closing the Deal
Session’s Aims:
  Delegates will look at various ways to overcome resistance by the customer and also to present their solution to customer needs in the most positive way possible.

Topics Covered:

  • Alternative ways of closing
  • Overcoming Resistance

Session 4
Sales / Negotiation Role Play: The Harvard Negotiation Technique: A Toolkit for Success

  • Negotiation role-play incorporating the new elements from Harvard Technique session
  • Feedback undertaken in plenary session
  • Debrief and discussion: what went well and what could have gone better

Session Six
Putting it all into practice

  • Course summary
  • Course evaluation
  • Delegates will have a final opportunity to complete an action plan to commit themselves to new practices and behaviours on their return to work


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