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How can you recruit, train, motivate and retain staff in order to achieve targets and bonuses and what techniques can you use to lead them? This course will provide you with the answers to these questions. Over five days, this programme will offer you practical solutions for your management and leadership needs. This course offers unparalleled insight into the nuances of the financial sector and the unique way it operates. Crucially, it will also give you the tools you need to transform the way you and your staff work and enable you to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

How will this course assist you?

A practical 5-day course for managers in banking and finance, where you will:

  • Acquire an unparalleled insight into the financial sector and the unique way it operates
  • Transform the way you and your staff work to enable you to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace
  • Learn how to recruit, train, motivate and retain staff in order to achieve targets and bonuses
  • Gain innovative leadership and management techniques and skills
  • Effectively manage change to get the results you want


We work with a series of expert instructors, please select the course location of interest to review the credentials of who will be delivering the programme.

Sue Cooper & Morris Grossfeld EHT

This course is taught by two Courses Directors

Course Director 1

She is a business behaviour specialist, coach and organisational change consultant. She lectures in workplace psychology at the University of Westminster and has recently co-authored ‘Finance and Markets’, a text book for new entrants to the finance sector.

Her scope includes all of the psychological aspects of management and business development including leadership, teams, business innovation, strategy development and all aspects of increasing personal impact and leading others. Her style is energetic, informed, hard-hitting and humorous.

She has extensive senior management experience in blue-chip companies, broad business consultancy, organisation development, change management, teaching and coaching skills and an exceptionally impactful approach.

She spent the first 20 years of her career in blue chip retail organisations in senior trading and change management roles. Her career has also included senior-level experience in corporate strategy, HR and IT. She moved into management development 12 years ago.

She has a MA from Cambridge University, a Foundation Certificate in Psychotherapy and Counselling and is a member of the Institute of Transactional Analysis and is Myers Briggs certified.

Course Director 2

He brings 25 years of corporate banking and treasury experience. He began his career at Chemical Bank (now JP Morgan Chase) in New York, and rose within six years to become the Head of Chemical Bank’s Eastern European Region. He then moved to Mobil Oil Corporation, working in corporate treasury and tax, and became head of Mobil’s overseas banking relationships and inter-company lending. He was sent to London as Corporate Treasurer of Mobil Oil Company Ltd., responsible for treasury, insurance and customer credit and 22 executives. He then became Treasurer for Northern Europe.

He was Group Treasurer of Forte PLC for 8 years and Group Treasurer of The Thomas Cook Group (treasury & turnover $20 billion and treasury profit $24 million annually) for 3 years, managing a team of 55 treasury and trading professionals. He was also responsible for the treasury staff training and development. For the last 14 years he has worked as a Course Director, coach and consultant across a breadth of business sectors and covering most management topics.

He got his BA Degree from Yale University and an MA in International Economic from Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.



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Day 1

The Leadership challenge today for Financial Business Leaders

Crisis 2008 in financial institutions

  • Banking- how is it changing and how does it need to change?
  • Case studies on organisational change in financial institutions - winners and losers in times of crisis

The people context in financial institutions today

  • What do people in financial institutions want from work right now?
  • Exploring Career Anchors
  • The change imperative - the challenge for Business Leaders in difficult times

Creative solutions for financial institutions in difficult times

  • Incrementalism and step-change in financial institutions
  • ‘Out of the box’ thinking: individuals work on their real leadership and business issues
  • Re-framing, creativity and decision-making techniques for financial institution managers
  • Thinking styles: individual profiling
  • Exercises to apply these techniques to real business situations

Real leadership in today’s financial institutions

  • The minefield of Leadership theory
  • Practical Leadership traits that check out for real: Financial Institution case studies
  • The Great Banking Crisis of 2008 – how did it happen and what have we learned about leadership?
  • What people need from their leaders in difficult times
  • What kind of leader am I? Individual questionnaire and feedback

The financial business leader in difficult times

  • Why would anyone follow you in a crisis? (leveraging your leadership strengths)
  • Values-based leadership: Exercises to explore professional values
  • Personal congruence
  • Establishing and conveying your brand as a Financial Business Leader (individuals work on a vision to inspire their teams in the current climate)

Day 2

Leading and Managing Others in Financial Institutions in Times of Crisis

Making the most of individual difference in financial institutions today

  • An introduction to difference
  • The roots of individual difference (group exercise)
  • Personality: what it is and what that means for leaders
  • Exploring Type
  • Personal profiling (a series of exercises and questionnaires to identify personality traits)
  • Making the most of individual difference in difficult times

Motivating others in financial institutions when the going gets tough

  • Prevailing theories of motivation
  • Investigating Language Patterns (NLP) to discover someone’s underlying motivation
  • Group work to identify these patterns in typical Financial Institution situations
  • Motivation in the Finance Sector
  • Increasing your range of influencing styles - practical techniques for the Finance Sector

Communications for impact in financial institutions

  • Reviewing your thinking and communications preferences
  • Adapting your style to engage and convince others (individual exercise with feedback)
  • High-impact presentations for Financial Institution managers (techniques and practice sessions)

Learning review 

Day 3

Managing Performance in Today’s Financial Institutions

Selecting the talent you need for financial institutions

  • Selection techniques – choosing the right tool to meet the need
  • Building the talent pool in your team
  • Increasing your ‘hit rate’ at interview (Financial Institution case studies and pairs work)

The coach’s tool-kit: essential skills and perspectives for bankers right now

  • The leader as coach in difficult times
  • The Coach’s tool-kit: essential skills and perspectives
  • Life Positions
  • Ego States and Transactions
  • Listening skills exercise
  • Creating the questions that get to the point

Coaching in action

  • Coaching tools and processes
  • Using a coaching process
  • Practice sessions

Coaching different types of performance in financial institutions today

  • Diagnosing individual performance (case studies)
  • Inspiring and developing high potential individuals (case studies and small group exercises)
  • Dealing with ‘problem’ employees- talented but not motivated

Managing people crises in financial institutions today

  • Managing lay-offs and redundancies
  • Dealing with underperformance (individual work with feedback)
  • Giving ‘bad’ news (individual work with feedback) 

Day 4

Crisis Management in Financial Institutions

Influencing with non- financial managers

  • Gauging understanding of key messages
  • Translating technical terms and jargon
  • Using word pictures and metaphors
  • Using personal financial examples to clarify
  • Playback to ensure understanding

Leading change in difficult times

  • The change climate today
  • The principles of effective change management
  • Change case study
  • Change in financial institutions- who gets it right, who gets it wrong?
  • Techniques to support others through change and crisis
  • Can you change another’s behaviour?

Managing conflict in today’s financial institutions

  • Establishing the root causes of conflict
  • Conflict modes
  • Identifying your conflict style
  • Exploring alternative approaches
  • The stages of conflict : productive and unproductive
  • The Power of Influence
  • Mediation techniques (individual work with feedback)

Impact & influence in financial institutions

  • The power of influence
  • Crisis in the Kitchen: problem-solving case study

Day 5

Career Strategies in Financial Institutions after the Crash

Cross-cultural challenges

  • Exploring the ‘unwritten rules’
  • Effective cross-cultural communication

Leading a high-performance team in tricky times

  • Creating a balanced team
  • Building team capability and performance
  • Team process (exercise)
  • Increasing your personal effectiveness within a team (individual learning review following exercise)
  • Leading complex or non-traditional teams

Driving your career in the 21st century financial institution

  • 21st Century career patterns in stability and crisis
  • Driving your development as a Senior Financial Manager
  • Goal setting and Personal Development Planning
  • Identifying life stages
  • Time audits
  • Setting meaningful personal and professional goals

Support resources for personal development planning in financial institutions

  • Managing key relationships
  • Finding development that works for you (supported pairs work)
  • Personal Development Planning – approaches and formats (individual exercise)
  • Creating a support network
  • Maintaining momentum and managing stress
  • Creating a support network

Increasing impact

• Competitive team exercise

Programme review and personal change planning

Course summary and close

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