Dynamic Leadership - Leading and Managing in the Commercial and Investment Banking Context

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This programme is aimed at bankers and financiers who would like to develop their management and leadership skills with a special focus on working in the financial world, which is different from other sectors. 

Whether you are working in commercial or investment banking, you will no doubt recognise that your environment is very demanding and that particular techniques are required to motivate, lead and coach in the financial sector.

The programme will provide you with the skills that you need to manage performance, to delegate, to praise where relevant, to give negative feedback where required, and to help your people to feel, think and act like a team in the commercial and investment banking context.  Insights will be given into the specifics of handling conflict in the banking sector and how to undertake performance appraisal.  All examples will be relevant to the world of international high-end banking. 

Attending this training will provide you with the skills and techniques you need to ensure that those reporting to you in the commercial and investment banking world are managed with the best possible, modern and ethical management techniques. 


The aim of this course is to provide participants in the commercial and investment banking world with the skills necessary to lead, motivate and provide feedback to those reporting to them, thereby ensuring a positive, happy workforce and also ensuring maximum productivity and profitability at the bank that they work at. 

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for those who require an insight into the skills required to manage people effectively in the banking sector. The course will also be relevant to those who have been managing team-members for some time but who would like a ‘refresher’ as regards management techniques in the financial sector. All the examples and case-studies will be chosen for levels of high relevance to the commercial and investment banking world, its people, culture and products.  Euromoney Learning Solutions specialises specifically in providing training courses for those who work in banks and in the financial sector. 


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:
      o   Describe the skills necessary to be a real ‘leader’ and not just a manager – and describe an action plan to develop further their leadership skills
      o   State best-practice ways of setting objectives to those reporting them and of giving both positive and negative feedback to their team-members
      o   Utilise effective motivation techniques in order to ensure a happy and productive team reporting to them
      o   Implement best-practice communication skills, and demonstrate the art of “listening” when dealing with those reporting to them
      o   Delegate appropriately so that neither they nor their team-members are over-burdened
      o   Manage their own time effectively, thereby allowing them to think strategically
      o   Create a real sense of ‘team atmosphere’ both within their immediate team and the larger team(s) that they work in
      o   Demonstrate key attributes of effective coaches in the banking field
      o   List key attributes of effective recruiters in the financial sector
      o   Identify how to undertake successful performance appraisals
      o   Implement some creativity/innovation techniques which work
      o   Handle conflict with third parties in an appropriate manner
      o   List key ways to influence others in times of change
      o   Put all of the skills of the course into practice in the commercial and investment banking workplace




Central London Hotel Venue

All courses are held at four or five star venues in Central London, Zone 1. We strive to provide you with a training environment of the highest quality, to ensure that the whole learning experience exceeds your expectations.

Your training venue will be confirmed by one of our course administrators approximately 3-4 weeks before the course start date.

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Day One

Being not just a manager - but also a leader - in the banking sector

o The tasks that a typical manager in commercial and investment banking must accomplish: balancing ‘doing’ with ‘managing’

o The key dilemma of management: how closely should you monitor people reporting to you?

o Situational leadership – the most modern approaches to leadership for Generation Y - and Generation Z

Exercise: What is your natural management style?

Performance management in commercial and investment banking

o The “One Minute Manager” and its applicability in the commercial and investment banking sector

o How to set goals for those reporting to you

o Praising and reprimanding

o Setting goals and targets within the tight budgetary processes at any modern bank

o Examples from areas like trade finance, cash management, corporate banking and various central functions...

Understanding motivation in the banking and financial sector

o What motivates your people?

o Best practice communication with your team-members – effective listening skills

o Tips and tricks to ensure optimal motivation

o Modern approaches to motivation

o Do the approaches of Abraham Maslow, and for example Herzberg, have something to teach us as we approach 2020?

Participants brainstorm practical ways of motivating their team(s) in the commercial and investment banking sector

Delegation and Time Management

o Why is it so difficult to delegate in banking – and indeed any workplace?

o The principles, pitfalls and practicalities of delegation

o Simple delegation – a structure

o Delegation Questionnaire: Putting it all into practice

o The ABCX Matrix: how to prioritise the urgent vs. the important

o Peak time, elephant tasks, and best-practice stress management

o Using your time to think strategically

Building teams – specifics of the corporate and investment banking world

o The stages of forming a team

o “Synergy” – the factor that makes teams work

o Building your own high-performance team

o Team Challenge: NASA “Moon survival” – illustrating the power of teamwork

Day Two

How to develop those reporting to you in the banking world

o Learning Theories and their applicability when coaching your team-members in the commercial and investment banking world

o Learning styles Questionnaire

o Matching our learning style to that of the person we are training or coaching

o DOs and DON’Ts for the Activist, Reflector, Theorist, Pragmatist

o How to be an effective coach

o Implementing best-practice mentoring skills

o Examples for those training up others in areas like correspondent banking, asset finance, real estate finance

o Insights into techniques such as brainstorming, mind-mapping, the Six Thinking Hats and fishbone diagrams – how to be innovative and how to help team-members to be innovative

Handling Conflict with other parties in commercial and investment banking

o What causes conflict at work?

o The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument

o Participants plot their conflict handling styles

o Participants plan how to handle certain situations more effectively

Selecting the talent that you need in the banking context

o Selection techniques - choosing the right tool to meet the need

o Increasing your ‘hit rate’ at interview (Financial Institution case studies)

Role plays: Utilising active listening skills in order to select new employees appropriately in commercial and investment banking

Performance Appraisal

o Why it is so important to do appraisals

o What paperwork/preparation do you need to have in advance of the meeting?

o Conducting the meeting in an appropriate way – using listening skills

o How to handle the poor performer, the average performer, and the “star”

o How and when to handle the ‘sticky’ issue of remuneration

o Seeing appraisals as a year-round process

Influencing others in the commercial and banking sector

o Why change is constant in the banking sector and how people react to change

o Cialdini’s research on six principles to persuade and influence others

o Managing change in the commercial and investment banking context

Action planning: Putting the course into practice in the banking sector

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