Bank Strategy Execution Programme

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Introduction to the School Themes and Subjects

Successful strategy execution involves dealing with many complex and inter-related changes that involve and affect many people in the organisation, including the main board, all senior executives, shareholders, customers and Regulators. Many banks are disappointed with the results of their strategy execution efforts, even though some spent millions during strategy execution. The causes of disappointment are many and varied. Some common examples are:

  • The bank’s strategy was not understood and supported by a sufficient number of executives and personnel. They were confused or resistant to change
  • Strategic changes did not lead to significant and sustainable superiority over competitors. The bank gained no advantage
  • Some elements of strategy execution were inconsistent with others which led to confusion, conflict and delay
  • Changes to marketing focus did not lead to more attractive business and less unattractive business. Profits and profitability did not increase
  • Increased selling intensity damaged the bank’s risk profile and caused increased bad debts, and legal attack for mis-selling
  • A dysfunctional organisational structure and internal “frictions” frustrated progress
  • IT systems delayed essential changes to the business and the way the bank was managed
  • Strategy execution was too slow with result that bank shareholders, executives, personnel and customers became disappointed and discouraged
  • Management and personnel were not sufficiently ambitious, motivated and/or skilled to drive through changes that were necessary
  • Too much reliance was placed on external consultants with the result that bank executives did not “own”, understand or support the changes envisaged

Aims and Benefits of the School

The overall aims of this 5-day programme are:

  • To explore how leading banks make sure that their strategies are executed successfully and lead to superior performance
  • To assess the steps that delegates' banks should take to ensure that their own strategies are implemented successfully

The programme is very practical and based on the experiences of many successful banks all over the world. It is not an academic training course but it does provide a strong conceptual framework for dealing with the complexities of strategy execution.
This programme gives delegates the opportunity to:

  • Explore the opportunities, challenges and risks associated with strategy execution
  • Understand the crucial roles that the leaders of banks need to play during strategy execution
  • Review how leading banks boost business and income during strategy execution
  • Examine the critical importance of adopting world-class standards of risk management as other aspects of strategy execution proceed
  • Explore the re-organisational and reengineering changes which are almost always essential during strategy execution
  • Set priorities for strengthening strategy execution at their banks so that it leads to greatly improved performance


Who should attend

 This school is for top bankers and senior managers who are expected to reach this level soon as well as those who support directly the top management teams of their banks:

  • Owners, CEOs, Members of the Board of Directors and Executive Committees
  • General Managers, Executive Vice Presidents, Executive Directors responsible for "profit centre" divisions, involved in Retail Banking, SME Banking, Corporate Banking, Treasury and Asset & Liability Management (ALM), plus subsidiary companies involved in these businesses
  • Senior Executives responsible for support divisions, including strategy, marketing, sales support, risk management, credit risk, market risk, operations, finance, human resources, information technology, internal audit and compliance

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