Back Office Management

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Use a Systematic Approach to achieve a well controlled and cost effective back office by implementing the latest, leading Internationally recognised, management techniques.

The practitioners guide to achieving a successful and effective Back Office operation.

  • A complete Systematic Control and Management Programme suitable for all environments
  • Build the correct structure for effective Front, Middle and Back Office Operations optimising the use of STP and achieving settlement  efficiency
  • Create a pre-emptive control strategy and reduce your risks, costs and errors
  • Develop a generic, evolutionary approach for the processing of all products
  • Improve the efficiency of your control, processing, settlement and reporting activities
  • Learn how to use a responsible management philosophy and practice which will create the environment for unequalled success
  • Gain the knowledge to make your back office a key revenue earner by enhancing cash management and controlling non-earning assets
  • Develop those essential management skills which will  enable you to motivate your staff to superior performance

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A Unique Training Course
This highly rated and very practical training course has been developed by a group of very successful practitioners and has proved its effectiveness in many differing environments. It provides a systematic approach to operational control and a simple methodology for solving difficult problems.
Trainer is a very experienced industry specialist, the course contains a unique blend of straight lecturing, role play and individual tutoring / counselling, specifically geared to each delegates individual need.

Course Objectives
The course will provide you with a simple, but very effective, systematic control and management programme, which will greatly enhance your back office operations. By using a pre-emptive control strategy you will be able to prevent problems occurring and create the environment to develop a highly skilled, flexible and well motivated work force which provides full cover for all areas of your operation. It will show you how to make your operations fail-safe and cost effective, with a high quality performance of which you will be proud.


This programme could change your life and that of your staff.
Get control of your environment, convert negative stress into positive motivation. Change problems into opportunities and create a back office team that is second to none.
The philosophy of “Management by Responsibility” uses the practice of “Enlightened Self- Interest” which will give you the opportunity to use your power to not only improve the productivity of your area and organisation, but also materially improve the lives of your staff and ultimately yourself. 

The systematic control and management programme will enable you to gain those essential management skills which will increase control and productivity, whilst reducing costs, losses and associated stress.

 Senior Management are becoming increasing aware that an effective Operations area is the key to the success of any organisation. This course will help you build an effective team of highly skilled operatives, which will raise the profile and status of your operations to the level that it deserves, whilst fulfilling the ever increasing needs of the company.

Who should attend


  • Senior and Middle Management
  • Operations Managers
  • Middle Office and Risk Managers
  • Financial and Product Control Staff
  • Treasury Managers
  • Auditors and Internal Control Officers
  • IT and EDP Operatives
  • Regulators
  • Compliance Staff
  • Accountants and Consultants
  • Graduate and Management Trainees


We work with a series of expert instructors, please select the course location of interest to review the credentials of who will be delivering the programme.

Kevin Merry

The course director is a senior operations manager with over 21 years' experience at management level in international banking. His responsibilities have included covering provision of support for a wide range of products including; fixed income securities, derivatives, FX, money markets, emerging markets and equities. He has also managed support areas for commodities trading mortgages.

In addition to his operations experience, he has managed the control and risk areas at major financial institutions and has been responsible for the implementation of security processing systems in London and other European cities. He previously held positions at IBJ International, San Paolo Bank, Drexel Burnham Lambert, CIBC, Cumulus Systems, Chase Manhattan Bank and Hill Samuel Investment Bank.



Central London Hotel Venue

All courses are held at four or five star venues in Central London, Zone 1. We strive to provide you with a training environment of the highest quality, to ensure that the whole learning experience exceeds your expectations.

Your training venue will be confirmed by one of our course administrators approximately 3-4 weeks before the course start date.

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Day 1

Pre-Emptive Control, Improved Quality Performance And Productivity

Quality defined
The cost of quality
The quality-productivity link
Pre-emptive quality controls
Effective quality control process
The optimum control point
Key risk controls
Cause & effect analysis
Dealing with cause / avoiding effect
Problem escalation
Generic cause factors / conformity of products

Case Study
DVD   Analysing Major Banking Collapse
Followed by group discussion for its relevance
 to Back Office Operations and Senior Management

Organisation and Reporting Lines
 Separation of function: front and back office, risk control and audit In line with industry standard and best practice

Case Study
Prioritising actions to ensure optimum positive effect
Analysing & solving problems
The hierarchy of problem solving
Empowering the people
Controlling the people

Production, use and maintenance
Control diaries / control points
Allocation and Acceptance of responsibility

The value of a simple skills training Matrix

Project Management
Management by Objectives
Use of project briefs
Monitoring & reporting


The Back Office as a Revenue Earner
Funding & cash management
Errors, fines & losses
Margin controls/Cost reductions

Case Study – Allied Irish Bank (ALLFIRST)
This case study will clearly highlight how a lack of proper
controls, knowledge and infrastructure can have such
 devastating consequences. It will also show how this
 could have been identified and easily prevented.

Generic processing approach
Process management
Systematic process control
Control of derivative products

An introduction to the benefits in terms of  quality, efficiency, productivity  cost s and the impact for  Back and Middle  Offices

Staff Management
Effective delegation
Setting objectives
Acceptance of responsibility
Motivation & stress control
Team building / the use of peer group pressure
Training, job rotation & staff development
The use of positive reporting
Controlling stress
Effective appraisal: the performance / rewards link

Case Study: Staff appraisal
Setting objectives, monitoring performance and rewarding
results fairly between staff. This case study covers comparatios,
ranking, salary and bonus allocations

Day 3

Introduction to: The BIS/BASEL Accord as it relates to Operational Risk.
 Analysis / Impact to all Back Office areas
 Key points in new Basel II Capital Accord
 Discussion on the implications for Risk and Control Managers

How to build an operational risk scoring process
Review of the major types of operational risks
Measurement framework / Scoring approaches
Workshop on KRI’s / KPI’s

New Products Review
New products steering committee
Evaluating & controlling risk
Pre-empting problems

Group Discussion : Controlling the Rogue Trader
Controlling potential rogue traders using a matrix of simple control mechanisms

Case Study: Evaluating a new Derivatives Product
Identifying the risks inherent in a proposed new product and
engineering  its processing into existing work practices and procedures

Business Continuity Planning
Review and Group discussion on the
Basle Committee on Banking Supervision for the High Level Principles for Business Continuity.

Crisis Management & New Product Evaluation
How to deal with crisis
How to regain control
Risk limitation

Case Study : Controls in the Money Market,FX and Derivatives
This case study involves the development of a control process
which can cover all potential products, using one generic action plan

Management Information
Status reports
Comparative analysis
The use of visual reports
Structure of reports / the control pyramid

Day 4

The use of Limits as a Control Mechanism
Guidance vs Mandatory
Position controls, Volume, Credit
Delivery / settlement limits

The Role of the Middle Office
The Middle Office as a part of overall risk control
Reporting Lines / Responsibilities
How to control your Middle Office
The central control file
Expense Control and the Role of the Middle Office

Case Study : Group discussion re “The Biggest Fraud Case in Banking History” 
Societe Generale Paris.

Despite Millions of US$ spent on highly developed IT and Risk management systems, one person was allowed to go undetected for years building up positions of $50 billion  and fantastic losses of some US$10 BILLION!
This is just another failure in a very very long line of Banking  failures/crisis in which the only real difference is the size of the actual loss.  
This session will clearly demonstrate how the Middle office/Back Office and other departments with responsibilities for risk could have easily prevented this fraud.

How to optimise the use of auditors as part of the Control Process
Modern on-going and pro active auditing that pre empts problem generation
Changing approach to auditing, risk based auditing.

Course Summary and Close

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