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Our corporate finance training will equip you to give advice on optimal capital structures for public companies, Private Equity backed LBO’s and private SMEs. By learning how to apply the Rating Agencies’ credit analysis methodologies to check the firm’s sustainable debt headroom, bankers can use financial modelling skills to show how the numbers stack up behind a sound strategic M&A logic. Our corporate finance courses will enable banking professionals to drive business origination with Excel-driven financial modelling that is insightful.

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Bankers need to know how to raise capital and structure the company’s debt from secured senior debt to mezzanine finance, in order to protect the bank’s position. An optimal capital structure means the client has the financial capacity to repay and the means to execute its business strategy. Advanced financial modelling, debt structuring and strategic analysis skills can also be acquired that go beyond ratio-based credit rating and financial statement analysis, to enable your professionals to show sensitised scenario-driven forecast cash flows and profits and the real drivers of shareholder value creation.