11 January 2016

10 best apps for learning and development professionals

We've chosen nine apps that will make your life as a learning and development professional a lot easier. Find out more.

As we’ve known for about a decade, there’s an app for almost anything now. It’s certainly done wonders for our personal lives as we can now do pretty much anything on the go from our smart phones. But what we might still overlook is using smartphone apps to enhance productivity in our working life too. As a learning and development professional you’re probably used to delivering mobile learning options but what about using apps to help you with your daily tasks?

Here’s nine apps that will make your life as a learning and development professional a lot easier:

Skill Pill: If you want bite size training videos (the eponymous ‘pills’) for your learners then Skill Pill is the app for you. Covering a range of topics from management, to sales and marketing you can mix and match to provide a unique course for each learner. It’ll even develop custom courses.

Yammer: If you want to set up your own discrete learning community then you definitely need Yammer. Its clean interface allows for easy discussion and sharing; perfect for group collaboration. Join an existing forum or create your own to pool resources with likeminded professionals in the Learning and Development space.

Reeder: The internet is full of great resources; from blogs, sites and news feed but sometimes it can be hard to keep up to date with all the excellent information sources out there. This is particularly relevant in the Learning and Development world where it’s essential to stay up to date with latest trends and developments. With Reeder, you don’t have to go to your information sources, they come to you, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing...

Documents to go: Think of all the time you needed to edit something quickly but lack of available software or equipment made it more difficult than it should have been. Documents to go eliminates that problem. Unlike most of its competitors, it lets you not just view, but fully edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. Its means there’s no need to download separate editing software or have to switch back to your mac or PC when you need to edit a document. Handy!

Evernote: If ever you wanted something to be an extension of your brain, Evernote is exactly that. Never again will you spend hours tormenting yourself as you try to remember that creative idea for a new learning solution you had by storing notes, images, ideas and audio clips on your phone.

Design: This app was developed to help instructional design and training consultants to build better training; and it’s so good it’s won awards... Combining the components of analysis and design you’ll get a dual approach that mixes rapid needs analysis and high-level design helps training development professionals gather and evaluate key factors of design before developing a training solution.

Smart genius quotes: There’s nothing quite like kicking off a training session with an inspirational or motivating quote to get things going. And with this bank of nearly 2,500 quotes by some of the most inspirational leaders of our time, you’ll be spoilt for choice.  

Pocket: If you’ve ever come across an article you’re really interested in (maybe even one on here...) and haven’t had time to read it then Pocket is the app for you. It lets you save articles directly from your browser so you can come back to them later. It even works without wifi- perfect for those boring commutes home!

Trello: Possibly the ultimate project management app, Trello is perfect for busy working environments. It lets you manage and collaborate on a project, in one place; great for working as a team to brainstorm ideas, divide tasks, flag issues and monitor progress.

Doodle: Simplifying the process of scheduling appointments; users just type in their schedules and Doodle will come up with a suitable meeting time for everyone. Perfect for busy workers and those who need meetings with people in different places.

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